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We are really excited about bikerafting!!

We loved watching this video about mountain bike packrafting. It excites us to see people extending their adventures from the trails onto the water. What a great way to combine two amazing adventure sports. This can be done at all levels, you don’t need to be a mountain biking or kayaking pro to get out and adventure. There are many easy short rides for beginners with flat water floats to get out and find new adventures. Perhaps you have been an avid rider for a while and have always admired the river along your ride. Now you have the option to do both. It is always recommended to know any body of water you plan to paddle and be comfortable swimming in it before extending your journey on the water. Wearing the proper safety equipment and having emergency supplies is always recommended. This is a great video showing how you could bring your favorite new Go North Raft on your next bike journey. Enjoy the video please feel free to email us with any question about packrafts

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